Saturday, 15 August 2015

A Sneak Preview to “Living Captive” The sequel to the “Surgeon’s son” COMING SOON!

Living Captive
Is the long awaited sequel to “The Surgeon´s Son” 
Victor Barnes, the notorious serial killer who targets teenage girls survives the horrific high speed police pursuit that forces his vehicle into the murky water of the River Trent. 
Numerous rescue attempts are made to recover the body of Barnes, however after five weeks there becomes little hope left and the police dive squads are called off having already covered thirty two miles of the never-ending river.
Detective Inspector Marty Bride and his specialist team of detectives, forensic investigators, and psychological profilers are forced to leave the case open with so many questions un-answered until they can locate the doctor’s body, dead or alive?

Barnes is coerced to live underground while seeking out a brand new identity, with one thing on his mind – Vengeance, on each and every member of Marty’s team.  He won’t stop until he unleashes his own band of torture! Unaware and unprepared that there’s an even bigger threat than Marty and his team on his trail..... 


Monday, 10 August 2015

A Superb Historical Mystery/Thriller Full of Tantalising Twists and Intriguing Hooks!

Goodnight, San Francisco
By H.P. Oliver

Parker Atkins, the main protagonist is a barely reformed drunk, an ex Los Angeles cop-turned-crime reporter and a general good guy who tends to lack self-esteem.  In the opening chapter, Atkins heads home after visiting some friends in the Half Moon Bay area and unexpectedly witnesses a big black sedan deliberately going out of its way to hit a woman on the deserted pacific highway.  Parker witnesses a violent and brutal death of a young socialite called, Elaine Doherty that he is personally and professionally keen to unravel.  Not only does Parker think it would make a sensational story, he also wants to see the killer punished appropriately.  Parker finds himself in the middle of a bizarre murder mystery that involves blackmail, kidnap and one of the most influential men in San Francisco and is forced to apply his detective and reporting skills against the element of surprise, tantalising twists and intriguing hooks in order to save his own life and of those he values the most. 
H.P. Oliver effortlessly manages to pick the reader up and successfully transport them to back to San Francisco in the 1930s in this fast-paced historical thriller/mystery.  Congratulations’ Mr Oliver, Once again I fell in love with the deep descriptive landmarks, automobiles and the remarkable era of the early twentieth century and recommend the wonderful visualizations that depict this era on H.P. Oliver’s website. 

My Ranking: 5 Stars 

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