Saturday, 28 March 2015

My Review: Rhymes From Today’s Mind By Luke Daniel & Seriah Sargenton

Rhymes From Today's Mind

By Luke Daniel & Seriah Sargenton

This is a compilation of eleven short rhymes.  Luke Daniel and Seriah Sargenton are philosophical poets, who write a number of slant rhymes, imperfect rhymes, near rhymes, oblique rhymes and off rhymes.   These poems are about a number of topics such as love, nature, Mother Nature and the destructive nature of human beings.  The poets have used a variety of poetic methods that help to enhance and shape their poems.  One of my favourite poems is “Gold Digger” as it is fully charged with raw emotion and the use of some profanity surrounding the negative impact of a relationship that has come to an end.
In conclusion, Luke Daniel and Seriah Sargenton write about a wide range of concerns while applying poetic methods such as human beings destructive nature, smile and personification giving each poem a meaning in its own significance in the world of philosophical poetry.    
My Ranking:
4 Stars

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Highly recommended philosophical poems!

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