Thursday, 14 May 2015

5 Star Review: Enpidra: The Exodus By Drew Washington

This is a supremely compelling tale of a young female scientist called Shania, who is keen to find a cure for an unknown deadly disease that is claiming the lives of all her loved ones and threatening to end all human life on the damaged planet of Enpidra.   As the disease continues to mutate, due to unknown factors, causing new symptoms that become almost impossible to contain, Shania and her colleagues’ work frantically against the clock to try to find a weakness they can exploit in the virus before it spreads and leaves its everlasting path of destruction on an already ravished planet that is facing the oncoming threat of extinction. Will Shania’s mission succeed? And if so, at what cost? Or will she pay the greatest price for her own demise in a race against not only against time but also against unknown creatures on her pursuit, the greed of a government and several companies whose main focus it to profit from her research.  

Drew Washington has created a powerful and well written page turner with an engrossing female protagonist whose plight is believable.   Enpidra: The Exodus is set in an imaginary unforgiving planetary system and will take the reader on an unforgettable journey where they can transport in to a completely different world and lose themselves completely.  I would highly recommend this engaging escape from reality story to fans of science fiction and speculative fiction.  

My Ranking: 5 Stars 

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