Monday, 7 December 2015

The Boetie Legacy and a World in Peril By Robert A. Kezer


The novel is set in Granada, Nicaragua, and follows main protagonist, Luke Canton.  Luke is half way through his life with no income, a few friends and finds himself once again starting over in a foreign country.  After 12 years of study and a PHD in Transformative Studies, Luke sets out on a mission to let people know that they have been mislead and he wants to empower them to understand that they have the power to change their world through the movement of nonviolent conflict for global transformation.  However, his unique offering to the world to promote human sovereignty doesn’t go as planned as he encounters an unexpected romance that will challenge him in ways he never thought possible and perhaps encourage him to find his greatest purpose in life.

The Boetie Legacy and a World in Peril is a thought-provoking book that deals with difficult moral issues, global issues and exposes the misinformation being used to wield the public.  This inspiring book gives people hope and courage to change their world and will equip readers with a better understanding of what nonviolent conflict is and how it can be used in the future to counter oppression.

My Ranking: 5 Stars

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